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Meet the Quality Control Team

Welcome to iWoofu the online boutique devoted exclusively to dogs and dog lovers.

iWoofu is brought to you by two very precious doggies...
Pickles & Kenzie living their best lives in the heart of Co.Wicklow, Ireland.
Their Hoomans search the world far and wide to source the highest quality doggy brands with doggy joy and well being foremost in mind. Along with their special pals, Kenzie and Pickles personally test all products to ensure they are up to the highest doggy quality standards for you and your precious pooch.

Meet & Greet the very eager iWoofu furbaby - Quality Control Team ...


(Pure Westie - no additives)
Sentry Officer & Foodie. I guard my family at all times.
Food and treats are life !

(Westie X Poodle - aka Woodle)
Super Smart Sporty Tomboy
will juggle all known bouncy balls but tennis balls are Gold
(yep that logo is me) 


(Bichon X Poodle - aka Boodle)
 Super Bouncy.. Incredible vocals and irresistible smile.
Always ready to play. Loves morning cuddles.


(Red Setter X  Poodle - aka Roodle) ..
Lovable MUDDY Adventurer & Guru. 
I love (to steal) soft toys, freshly baked bread, 
slippers and the odd prosciutto 
in no particular order !  



( Pure Jack Russel )
 Gentle fun loving girl :
loves to:-
 Snuggle on the sofa
Play with squeaky toys
Bounce on the Trampoline

( Cockapoo - Cocker Spaniel x Poodle )
I'm a super bouncy and cuddly boy
 I love going on hiking adventures with my Dad
Hey is that a biscuit wrapper I hear
.. digestives are my fav.. nYum !


And here is our HOOMAN Martina ...

"Martina and Mr.Pickles"

Martina adores all woofers - especially us :)  and we woof her. 
Martina has had dogs all her life beginning with Buff & Rexy Moo.
Her sole focus for iWoofu is to source exceptional products that bring abundant doggie joy to you and your precious pooch so everyday day can begin with ...

"i Woof u"


Please let us know if there are products that you would like iWoofu to source or if you have products that you have created that you would like the iWoofu QC team to consider for the iWoofu boutique..
just drop us a note in our
Contact Page and the iWoofu Quality Control Team and their hoomans will check it out :)