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The iWoofu designed Pawprint of Love Collection Ceramic Dog Bowl is a white ceramic food or water bowl with the unique 'Pawprint of Love' Logo printed in black around the edge with a white heart in the centre of the pawprint. There are five pawprints circling the outer edge of the bowl with one iWoofu logo placed between two of the 'Pawprints of Love' pawprints.
iWoofu 'Pawprint of Love' Ceramic Dog Food/Water Bowl

iWoofu 'Pawprint of Love' Ceramic Dog Food/Water Bowl

iWoofu Design
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The iWoofu 'Pawprint of Love' Collection shows your dog how much you care. The design shows the heart of love centre stage. The ceramic bowl most importantly ensures there are no nasty parabens or plastics being absorbed into your precious dog's food or water. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly.

* Ceramic pet bowl
* Dishwasher Friendly (Dish wash on low temp or wash by hand)
* Hand printed to order